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Company Profile

Acma Engineers Pte Ltd (AE) was incorporated in Singapore since 1968. It is a subsidiary of Acma Ltd (Formerly know as China Auto Corporation Ltd), a Public Listed Company in Singapore.

Over the years, AE has imported ranges of Hitachi Air-conditioners from various Hitachi factories around the world like Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, Malaysia and China. These Hitachi Central Air-conditioners are mainly sold to both the contractors and consumers in the domestic market from the 70’s.

In the early 1980’s, AE established itself as the main exporter for Hitachi Central and domestic air-conditioners to countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Seychelles, Vietnam, and Russia etc. AE also worked with many trusted contractors in these respective countries.

Under its distributorship, Hitachi becomes one of the best selling and preferred brands in the specialized market in Singapore and around its region.

In 1990’s, with the reform and opening up of policies in PRC market, AE has made inroads into the market by selling compressors and SKD air-conditioners to various appliance manufacturers. In order to provide a better service to its customers and increase in the market share, AE has established a representative office in Shanghai and acquired Acma Engineers Ltd in Hong Kong in 1993.

Through AE’s effort and close rapport with the PRC manufacturers, the company has proudly achieved a turnover of S$50 Million in 1994. Out of S$50 Million, S$36 Million are contributed through direct export on Hitachi Rotary Compressors and SKD (Semi-Knock-Down) air-conditioners to China.

Currently, with the advancement in technology, AE is introducing a more superior range of compressors and air-conditioners. These allow AE to develop its niche market and gain competitive edge over the norm.

In order for AE to provide a better service and support to our customers in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles and Cambodia, we have established a representative office in Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

In the year 2007, AE took over the Electrical and Project Department from AL. The business activities of the Electrical and Project Department are to supply and maintenance of electrical testing equipment, switchgears and spare parts. One of their major clientele is Singapore PowerAssets Ltd.

AE business strategy is to continue to expand and strengthen our business in the existing market sectors in which it operates.